Titus Flavius Vespasianus, better known as Vespasian, was the Roman Emperor who founded the Flavian dynasty. He was born in the year 9 into a poor family and worked his way into the army with pure talent. He was a successful military man, and in the year 66, the emperor Nero placed him in charge of the war against the Jews. He was in Judaea when Nero died and proclaimed emperor by the soldiers of Judaea and Alexandria in 69. He marched back to Rome, easily defeating Vitellius, and he got to work restoring the greatness of the Empire. He had a son named Titus, who he left in charge of the Jewish War and destroyed Jerusalem, bringing back his spoils and celebrating with Vespasian the triumph of winning. Vespasian erected the Colosseum during his reign and is remembered for order and prosperity until his death in 79.