Teh lulz. This is not a Roman Emperor. Silly Google machine.

Born on March 7, 189 in Rome, just eleven months after his brother Caracalla, Publius Septimius Geta was the son of Septimius Severus, who was the first of the "soldier emperors," and Julia Domna. Like any brothers, Geta and Caracalla did not exactly get along, but they took it to the extreme. They were elected co-consuls in the year 205, and when their father died, much to Geta's dismay, Caracalla attempted to be the sole emperor, allowing Geta only to reign in name. However, neither Geta nor their mother Julia Domna were too pleased with Caracalla's plan. The brothers attempted to divide the empire into two, but their mother would not stand for it. In the year 211, in late December, Caracalla tricked Geta into a reunion. They met in the presence of their mother, and, by order of Caracalla, Geta was assassinated by men hidden around the room. Legend says that he died in Julia Domna's arms.